11 July 2012

Looking for Islamic Civil Society References

Any references my readers could point me to that discuss governance practices, ideally more than just theoretically, in business and NGOs (including mosques and political movements), in majority Muslim countries (online or on paper) would be greatly appreciated.


Blake said...

Iv long followed your blog, i grew up in denver, and I also recently traveled to Turkey and learned a great deal about modern civic society organizations. However, muslim country is a special case. Three features about this: muslim youth are exposed to issues of civic soicety via social media these days (and not through state sponsored programing which authority is a very traditional top down in shaping civic society), in Yemen NPO's are trying to have create job opportunities though civil society orgs and promote justice, Turkey does not have any mention of "volunteering" or civic society organizations in its current constitution nor perhaps will it be in the next new constitution (this is because of the military control of the civic society, but this is where the UN now has a role in encouraging the role of civil society).

andrew said...