01 August 2012

Still Hot And Dry In Denver

Denver's average daily temperature in July 2012 was 78.9 degreees, a new record high average daily temperature (there were seven days over 100 degrees).  The runner up was 77.8 degrees in July 1934, followed by 77.7 degrees in July 2005, followed by 77.6 degrees in July 2008, followed by 77.3 degrees in July 1936. 

On July 2, 2012 there was a record high for that day for Denver of 101 degrees.  But, the hottest day this month in Denver (102 degrees on July 21) did not exceed the record high for any July day in Denver (105 degrees set on July 20, 2005).

Denver has also been dry this month, receiving just 0.48 inches of precipitation compared to an average 2.16 inches in July, more than 77% below average (there were just 0.13 inches of precipitation in June 2012).  For the year to date after seven months, Denver has had 5.29 inches of moisture, compared to an average of 9.67 inches, a shortfall of about 45% that is part of a broad national drought of which Colorado has been among the hardest hit.

This follows record heat and record wildfires in June 2012.  See June fires, June fires and heat records, and more June heat records.

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