04 July 2013

Windows 8 Still Awful

Three and a half months after buying a Windows 8 laptop, you'd think I'd have the hang of it by now.

I don't.  I am still operating my old Windows 7 machine side by side my Windows 8 machine because I am not comfortable with it despite paying for software fixes and numerous tech support inquiries.  Windows 8 has had a catastrophically negative effect on my law practice and I would urge anyone thinking of buying a Windows 8 machine to immediately destroy the new software and revert to Windows 7 or Linux, or to buy a Mac.  The computer only cost $250, but the Windows 8 conversion had done thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars of harm to my business.  Trying to make Windows 8 work is a process second only to getting divorced measured by the unhappiness it has brought to my life.  It has been, for example, far worse than having the chicken pox as a child.

I still can't make the damn thing perform basic functions that I used to have down pat.  I have hated the start menu from day one and all it does for me is insert an extra step on the route to the desktop in addition to the password protection step that I never asked for and don't like and never even selected a password for myself (it steals your hotmail password, which really makes me angry).

It seemingly randomly zooms and shrinks the screen magnification and jumps from one screen to the next and you can't be sure what is running or not.  It integrates very poorly with local area networks.  It goes dark quick and for no apparent reason requiring re-entry of a password to make it work again.

I've spent hours looking for a way to strip the horrible Bing search engine from it, without success.

When I first reviewed Windows 8 back in late March, I said it was the worst short of Vista.  I take it back.  Windows 8 is far worse than Vista.  I hate Microsoft with a passion and yet can't easily be rid of it.

Can somebody at Microsoft please make this nightmare end?


andrew said...

I have deleted Internet Explorer and moved to Google Chrome entirely to try to minimize the Bing effect.

Anonymous said...

You're just a laid-back old grumpy who dislikes change and just want to play a toy. I've been enjoying windows 8 unrestricted. Can plug almost any device in it.

Dave Barnes said...

1. Save your data.
2. Install Windows 7.


1. Buy a Mac.

Anonymous said...

If you're semi-serious about getting a Mac, it looks like http://www.themaclawyer.com/ is a great resource.

andrew said...

Motl hates Win 8 too.