27 March 2014

Legalizing sex, drugs, cash and car sales

There are a variety of activities that are illegal in Colorado (and sometimes in the U.S.), but shouldn't be.  In many cases, these activities are legal in other U.S. states, are legal in other Westernized developed countries, or were legal in the past, without incident.  This post looks at examples involving commercial activity on Sunday, alcohol, marijuana, sex, and cash.

Blue Laws

* Legalize Sunday car sales


* Legalize the sale of beer other than 3.2 beer, wine and liquor at stores that can sell 3.2 beer
* Lower the drinking age to eighteen.
* Authorize local governments to permit bars to serve alcohol after 2 a.m.


* Create an exception to federal controlled substance laws for conduct that is legal under state law.
* End federal prohibitions on banks doing business with marijuana businesses.
* Repeal Section 280E (denial of deductions for sales of controlled substances).


* Authorize local governments to legalize, regulate and tax prostitution.
* Exclude non-commercial depictions of lawful sexual activity (e.g. home made videotapes of seventeen years olds have sex with their boyfriends) from child pornography laws.
* Decriminalize bigamy based on the cohabitation of a married person in the absence of a purported legal marriage.

Cash Transactions

* Decriminalize smurfing (i.e. structuring cash transactions so that they fall below the $10,000 cash transaction limit).
* Remove forfeiture authority based solely on failure to disclose cash transactions or failure to declare cash to customs officials.


Dave Barnes said...

Lower the drinking age to eighteen.


Kevin Dickson said...

Legalize residential leases in Denver that are for less than 30 days.

andrew said...

Good call.