11 April 2014

Break In Blogging

I will be consumed with a trial in a civil case where I represent a party as an attorney that is being held in Pueblo, Colorado for the next week or so.  Therefore, blog posting will be light or non-existent.


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Thanks for the tips.

andrew said...

Tried hard to make it to Bingo Burger and Mr. Tandoori, but could never manage to make it to either by closing time. Worked about 7 a.m. to midnight, non-stop, every day and never got dinner before 9 p.m. We did manage a nice all you can eat fish and chips at an Irish pub on 3rd near Santa Fe and a neat mix of roast beef au jus, french bread, crackers, olives, cheese slices, jam, mustard and more called "The Winery" as an homage to an out of business restaurant legend, at beautiful century old pub on Main near the train station (and around the block from Mr. Tandoori, which was closed). Don't recall the names of either of them.

Pueblo is a pretty decent place, is never crowded anywhere, and so much less depressing than Greeley. But, it is a bit diffuse and definitely not a twenty-four hour city.