22 September 2014

Vote No On Colorado Ballot Issue 104

Colorado Ballot Issue 104 is an initiated state statute summarized as follows in the official ballot title:
Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes requiring any meeting of a board of education, or any meeting between any representative of a school district and any representative of employees, at which a collective bargaining agreement is discussed to be open to the public?
In other words, this is a measure designed to make it harder for unions for teachers and other school employees to secure union contracts for their members.

There are many matters that are subject to open meeting laws, but personnel matters are virtually never subject to them.  The same open meeting rules would not be applied to negotiations of senior administrator's contracts.

The measure is sponsored by the conservative Independence Institute and is an effort to engage in public sector union busting, pure and simple.

The measure was the last to appear on the Colorado ballot this year because it had just barely enough signatures to qualify to appear on the ballot.

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