13 October 2014

Energy Problems Solved

In an apparent violation of the law of matter and energy conservation, my car's fuel gauge appears to be be indicating that I have more gas in the tank the further I drive.  Then again, maybe it is a case of elves who appear when I'm not looking and fill up the tank.

I figure if we siphon off my gas tank every couple of days, we could shut down an oil well or two.

Then again, it could be that the folks at Midas on Colorado Boulevard at Alameda in Denver who worked on the fuel system on my car more than once in the last year could of damages the fuel gauge while they were working on it.

But, really, which seems more likely?  Incompetence at a nationally branded car repair facility, or elves refilling my tank?

Surely, it must be the elves.

The practical issue is whether I go back and try to get the company that previously screwed up to acknowledge it made mistakes and should repair the new problem free of charge, which they are unlikely to do and might lead to more mistakes, or do I simply call it a sunk cost and go to a different shop?

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