05 February 2015

Schizophrenia, OCD and Autism May Have Related Neurological Causes

A new open access preprint at bioRxiv suggests that schizophrenia, OCD and autism "have the same neurobiological origin, stemming from a common root of a unique neurodevelopmental tree."  This common structure can be described in terms of a "damage network" (i.e. "a connecting link between the damaged areas that relates areas constantly involved in the disorder").
Three main findings emerged from our meta-analysis: 1) The three psychiatric spectra do not appear to have their own specific damage. 2) It is possible to define two new damage clusters. The first includes substantial parts of the salience network, and the second is more closely linked to the auditory-visual, auditory and visual somatic areas. 3) It is possible to define a "Damage Network" and to infer a hierarchy of brain substrates in the pattern of propagation of the damage. These results suggest the presence of a common pattern of damage in the three pathologies plus a series of variable alterations that, rather than support the sub-division into three spectra, highlight a two-cluster parcellation with an input-output and more cognitive clusters.


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