21 April 2015

I voted.

I voted today in Denver's 2015 municipal elections.  NOTWITHSTANDING A TYPO ON MANY BALLOTS, they are due MAY 5 NOT IN JUNE.

There were no ballot issues.  There were citywide elections for Mayor (with a strong incumbent Mayor Hancock and a few weak challengers running), Auditor (an open seat with two strong candidates running), Clerk and Recorder (with a strong incumbent and a weak challenger running), and city council at large (vote for two, with two incumbents running, but a large field including a number of other strong candidates).

The Denver Post article on the City Council at large race was very helpful.

There were also races in each single member city council district, of which there are many, a great number of which are flooded with candidates because term limits have left the seats open.

In all, I cast votes for six different candidates.  This took a fair amount of research (the seats are officially non-partisan, so there are few easy hints about how to vote), which I owe a post for the world on, but may or may not have time to actually write.

In all races except city council at large, if no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates will face off in a run off election for which ballots are due in June.

Most of the candidates were very underwhelming on the issues.

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Dave Barnes said...

What is/was the point of voting in Mayor's race?
Mike is going to win.