02 June 2015

Denver's Municipal Runoff Elections End Today At 7 p.m.

Ballots must be received by the City and County of Denver in each of its four city council district runoff elections by 7 p.m. today.  Winners from the first round and this round of the election will be sworn in next month.

UPDATE;  Results here.  I doubt that there will be a flip in any of the four races from the 8:30 p.m. results which would include almost all votes cast before today and probably most of the votes cast this morning.  Districts 7 and 11 aren't close at all.  Districts 2 and 10 each have more than a 150 vote spread, which is several percentage points, with no reason to think that votes cast at the last minute will skew one way or the other.

SECOND UPDATE;  There were no last minute flips before the unofficial results were released.  For what it is worth, Greco, the candidate that I had supported in the runoff election for District 7, where I live, lost soundly in the runoff - capturing most of the West side of the District, but falling behind on the East side of the district which has higher voter turnout.

District 2 in Southwest Denver, which is historically often the source of a sole Republican on the City Council, saw Flynn, a Democrat endorsed by former Democratic officeholders from the area defeat Kidd, a former unsuccessful Republican candidate, as Democratic closed ranks in this officially non-partisan race around the Democrat.

But, in District 10, former Republican Wayne New defeated Democrat Anna Jones (again, in what is officially a non-partisan race).  This arguably makes Wayne New the most conservative individual on City Council, although ironically, he was challenging Jones from an anti-developer direction, arguing that she was to friendly to big development projects while serving on the planning and zoning board.

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