14 July 2017

Nutjob Runs For Colorado Governor On Unity Party Ticket

Colorado's latest third party, the Unity Party, is apparently intent on winning the vote of people who are higher than kites given their nominee in the Governor's race this year.
He wants to abolish Colorado's income tax, bring back firing squads, and conquer part of Mexico, and Bill Hammons could be the third name on your ballot for Governor in November. 
Hammons is the head of Colorado's newest political party: The Unity Party. Secretary of State Wayne Williams made it official last month, once it passed the 1,000-voter mark and gave them party status. 
Part of his plan includes having Colorado secede from the Union, join New Mexico and California to form a new nation, and then take over parts of Mexico. That is not a party priority, but it is Hammons' position.
On the upside, he's so obviously far out in ways that neither Republicans nor Democrats are at peace with, that he'll probably insure that the third party vote doesn't impact the outcome of the Governor's race in 2018.

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