23 December 2019

Tyler Cohen On Big Projects Worth Doing

Tyler Cohen at Marginal Revolution has a lot of very good ideas about things to study and do. I list the headings below:

More studies of super-effective people. 
A comprehensive analysis and critique of the NIH and NSF. 
Why is life expectancy so long in Hong Kong? 
Bloomberg Terminal for everything. 
A comprehensive guide to the American healthcare system. 
Better answers for how to quantify worker productivity. 
What should Widodo do? (Ten page plans for economic development in countries).
A comparative study of foundations and their efficacy. 
Institutional critiques. 
Cultures of excellence. 
Regeneration at the government layer. 
IQ paradox. 
Credible plans for new top-tier universities. 
Summaries of the state of knowledge in different fields. 
Mechanisms for better matching. 
What should Durkan do? (Ten page plans for urban development).


Alkibiades said...

What is meant by an IQ "paradox"?

andrew said...

"Ron Unz points out that intergenerational variation of IQ may be much higher than is often assumed, citing Ireland and Croatia as examples. For instance, not long ago Ireland had sub-par measured IQ and now that figure is much higher, following growth and prosperity. The policy implications of IQ disparities across nations may therefore be different to what might otherwise obviously follow: perhaps environment matters much more than is assumed. If so, what should we be doing more or less of?"