07 November 2005

At Least He's Sometimes Honest

Mallard Fillmore is an editorial cartoon in the Denver Post that features the duck after whom the strip is named. I don’t think that the duck will mind if I quote the text of today’s two square strip in full today:

Dear Mr. Fillmore,

You are a right-wing, jingoistic, red-state, absolutist, knuckle-dragging fathead!


Lee Cooper,
Lawrence, Kansas

[He replies.]

Dear Ms. Cooper,

I am not a fathead.



I read Boondocks. I understand why conservatives might need a comparable strip on their side of the fence. But, the duck does get my goat from time to time.

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Julie O. said...

There was a letter to the editor the other day from a person mortally offended by the hatred towards the President in Boondocks. I wanted to write back about how mortally offended I am about the awful caricatures of liberalism that's found in Mallard Fillmore, or the vapidity of Family Circus, or the annoying annoyingness of Funky Winkerbean, and point out that I occasionally read them with masochistic glee to remind myself how bad they are, like poking sore gums with a toothpick. Most of the time, I, an adult who usually makes responsible choices, don't read them.

But I knew how pointless it was.

Hint about Garfield: only read the first two panels of a three-panel strip, or the first half of a larger Sunday edition. It's called Zen Garfield, which I learned from a commenter on another site, and is sometimes amusing.