07 November 2005

Denver Public Schools Changes.

Last school year, 90 of the 145 Denver schools or programs with students taking the Colorado Student Assessment Program test were ranked "low." Seven were ranked "unsatisfactory."

The new superintendent, Michael Bennet, apparently has some big ideas to change this, although history is full of efforts to improve academic achievement in schools, but very thin on successful efforts.

It will push the previously announced high school reform effort, which could include changing grade configurations for some secondary schools, he said. This may mean more K-8s or grades 6-12 schools across the city.

This realignment, of course, being driven by the fact that middle schools, in particular, seem to be performing poorly in the district. Also, "the literacy and English language programs could be altered."

The full plan is not yet available and will be subject to some negotiation after it is announced, but will drive that debate.

Of course, one of the great parts of working in a district like Denver's, is that you don't have to do very well in absolute levels of achievement to significantly improve. I hope for the best, but fear it will be to no avail.

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