04 November 2005

Singapore and Human Rights.

Singapore is one of the worst offenders in the world when it comes to executing people who don't deserve it. Two weeks from now, it plans to execute a man for his first drug smuggling offense. Don't expect a word of protest from the Bush Administration.


Anonymous said...

lol, what do you expect when he broke a law in another country? He should check what the penalty is before he even buy his air ticket.

So what if it's his first offence? Can you forgive a person who sneak into your house,beat you up badly and tell you that it's his first time?

Anonymous said...

Well, drugs are banned in Singapore and it make no difference whether you are a first time or a repeat offender.

He should have known that the penalty for drug smuggling in Singapore is death penalty but he choose to risk his life for some stupid powder and pills. Really no hope for such people.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

No civilized country executes people for offenses that don't kill someone. A handful of countries in the world, Singapore among them, are not civilized.