04 November 2005

Why Don't People Give A Shit?

Hunter, a front page poster at Daily Kos, screams in outrage at the a House committee's vote in favor of cutting programs like food stamps, Medicaid (especially for children), student loans and child support enforcement by $54 billion in committee (the Senate appears to have spared food stamps and child support enforcement, but still cut Medicaid and student loans, producing a cut of $35 billion with just 52 votes in favor). Both also end farm subsidies for cotton and reduce them otherwise, which is less troubling as they are largely a form a corporate welfare. The bill would also open up ANWAR to oil drilling.

Why? So that they can pass a $70 billion tax cut for the rich next week.

What is wrong with the American people? Votes like this should be political suicide. But, Republicans vote the wrong way again and again, and Democrats vote the right way again and again, and Peoria doesn't seem to notice. Are Republicans evil, ignorant, or willfully ignorant? I'm inclined to go with evil, but I'll entertain other suggestions.

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