15 August 2008

Pol State Dead

The Pol State blog where I blogged politics before starting Wash Park Prophet, ceased operations on May 24, 2008 when Temple Stark, the lead editor there, shut it down.

Originally designed as a bipartisan 50 state political blog with corrospondents in each state, it fell victim first to partisan infighting (which was why I left), to technical difficulties, and then to the power of RSS based blog aggregators to appropriate more lively state political blogs. It was sponsored by DailyKos financially, but not affiliated with it in editorial policies or politics.

It had covered almost nothing about Colorado politics that did not touch on the Presidential race for a long time when it ceased operations.

Other Pol State alums from the Colorado political blogosphere include my predecessor Colorado Luis, who sometimes writes at Square State after discontinuing his highly insightful personal blog, and my conservative Pol State colleague who continues to be part of the Mile High Delphi team.

1 comment:

Temple Stark said...

You're wrong on one important thing, sorry. It was not sponsored by Daily Kos financially (except early early on when they launched it and dropped it) but by advertising and my pocketbook. I'll let the rest go as most of it is your opinion.

I wish you would've stayed to accept a better explanation than the one you had stuck in your head, and apparently still do, about just one moment. PolState has changed direction, which was also mentioned in my May post.

Only the best of wishes. Temple