23 August 2006

Murkowski Third in Alaska Governor's Primary.

Corrupt Republican Governor of Alaska Frank H. Murkowski is the second least popular Governor in the United States, after Ohio Governor Bob Taft who was convicted of crimes related to his public office late last year, but hasn't resigned. The members of his party decided it was time to throw Murkowski under a bus yesterday.
Murkowski had just 19 percent of the vote to Palin's 51 percent and Binkley's 30 percent. Longshot candidates Gerald L. Heikes and Merica Hlatcu split the remainder of the GOP vote
Murkowski is now a lame duck, so is Taft.

Republican primary winner Sarah Palin, a former Wasilla mayor, will face the Democratic nominee, former Gov. Tony Knowles (1994-2002), in November.

By the way, there is a reason that you have never heard of Wasilla, Alaska: "As of the 2000 census, the population of the city was 5,470. 2004 estimates gives the city a population of 7,740[.]" It is 43 miles North of Anchorage, where 30% of its residents commute to work. The source of the name is disputed, although no one claims it was named after the ancient pagan god of the same name.

For comparison's sake, the West Washington Park neighborhood in Denver has twice as many people as the 2004 population of this fast growing bedroom community.

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