31 January 2007

Kos on Colorado

New Gallup poll numbers were released on party identification. The left column shows the percentage of those surveyed who identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, the right column shows those who identify as Republicans or lean Republican. The middle shows those who don't lean towards either party. The blockquote below shows the eight most Republican leaning states in the Union. Colorado is the least strongly Democratic of the Democratic party leaning states.

Here is what kos has to say about the numbers:

CO 47 7 46
MS 44 7 49
SD 41 11 48
SC 44 6 50
TX 42 8 50
NE 37 9 55
ID 35 11 54
UT 33 6 62

Seeing Colorado so far down on the list, I'm even more impressed at the Democratic performance the past two cycles. There's a reason Colorado got a serious look at in Crashing the Gate -- it's exhibit A of how a unified progressive movement can dramatically transform a state. Compare it to far more Democratic states, and it's no contest. Colorado may very well sport the most organized, most effective movement in the country. I can't wait to celebrate the Democratic convention in Denver next year.

Take a pat on the back you guys. Also, these number explain quite boldly why Colorado Democrats sometimes have to make compromises that Democrats elsewhere do not. It is fine to make compromises in Colorado, but we shouldn't be making them in places like Connecticut.

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