16 January 2007

Vote For Me!

There is an election on February 1, and there is a good chance that you won't get to vote in it. It is the reorganization election for the Denver Democrats, and only party officials, mostly precinct committee people, get to vote. I'm running to be the treasurer of the county party (in a county party organization that serves more Democrats than any other county party organization in the state). I am currently unopposed, so don't feel shy about endorsing me.

This job involves keeping the Denver Dems in compliance with tax, accounting and campaign finance requirements. It also involves chairing the finance committee that endeavors to develop a budget and raise the $65,000 a year the county party needs to continue functioning in a post-Bingo environment. And, it involves participating in executive commmittee meetings in the hopes that I can talk other members with grandious and expensive ideas from pursuing them unless they can find funding for them. As an attorney who does tax work and advises non-profits and political organizations on campaign finance and compliance issues, I stepped up to the plate.

You should vote for me because I'm running, and the other candidates aren't running. You should also vote for me because I promise to do my level best not to screw up, and because I have vague aspirations of actually improving the financial affairs of the county party with the help of a great group of highly active Democrats who have good ideas.

Of course, if you are a seasoned certified public accountant, who has years of experience running political party financial affairs, live in Denver, think the zero salary suits you, and really want to do the job, I will happily endorse you instead from the floor. If you fit this description, drop me a line.

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