21 June 2007

Annoying Things

Annoying things:

* Low flow toilets.
* Using phone cards from non-pay phones.
* Hearing advertisements prior to making phone card calls.
* Shampoos for men that smell like turpentine.
* The blogger autosave function.
* Parking meters that don't accept nickles and dimes.
* Advertisements before movies you paid to see.
* Political candidates without websites.
* Removable stereo controls.
* Books on CD with fifteen minute tracks.
* Voice mail.
* Multiple co-pays for a single doctor's office visit.
* Voice activated phone bank menus.
* Advertisements for car models that don't exist (Go Toyota did it for two days running).
* French cuffs.
* Robocalls.
* Flickering flourescent lights.
* Hand grenade car stickers.
* Hotmail's delete function (it shrinks the number of messages you can consider each time).
* Artificially low speed limits on arterial streets (especially Alameda Avenue from University to South Cherry Steet in Denver).
* Discontinuous streets that share the same name.
* Drive time radio talk between songs.
* Store discount cards.
* Department store credit cards.
* T-Mobile Hot Spot Wi-Fi.
* Sarbanes-Oxley motivated impossible to memorize password requirements.
* Privacy notices with no obvious customer choice options.
* "I am who I say I am" affidavits in real estate closings.
* Plate sharing charges at restaurants.
* Merchant imposed minimum credit card charge requirements.
* Denver's 20th Street post office's policy of not collecting mail from the mail boxes in front of the post office after 5 p.m. when the post office closes at 8 p.m.
* Pennies.
* Computer systems that don't accept hyphens in names.
* Computer systems that don't parse two letter surnames.
* Customer service workers who don't know what the word "hyphen" means.
* People who don't pronounce the "h" in words like "human" and "Harvard".
* Stores that issue coupons with expiration dates and requirements posted that aren't actually enforced.
* Pens that stop working when you can see they still have ink left.
* Camera phones.
* High calorie foods advertised at "fat free" or "carb free".
* Hillary Clinton's campaign theme song.
* The telephone excise tax refund form (never before has some much documentation been required for so small a refund).
* The 9/10th of a cent a gallon added to gas prices.
* Collectible coin advertisements.
* Door to door solicitations.
* Car alarms
* Laptops that go into sleep mode just before shutting down.
* Plastic packaging that can only be opened with scissors.
* DVDs that skip or freeze up.
* Error messages when the only apparent problem is that you have to click O.K. to make the error message go away.


fish said...

i'm with you on much of this, Andrew!! except i do like my camera phone...

kate said...

How long did it take you to come up with this list. (And what do I win if I guess correctly.)

What about stickers for car windows that resemble bullet holes? On just about every truck in Florida. One of many things *not* to miss about the Sunshine State.

And what's wrong with leaving out the "h"? It's an Irish thing - you wouldn't understand. I say "yooge" instead of "huge" - and I bet in the right context, you wouldn't mind that at all. Would you?

Wink Wink.