07 August 2007

2402 Posts

This blog is 25 months and 5 days old. It has 2,402 posts.

I've been drifting into being more of a law blog lately (almost eclusively in most posting at Colorado Confidential), although I don't know if this will be a long term trend. I've also given military blogging a bit of a shot in the arm after an extended period of relative neglect, but I have let public health blogging slide a little.

I have no major software, platform, or blogging policy changes planned in the near future. There are a couple of behind the scenes blogs, but I'll deal with them. The blog roll probably needs some light weeding and additions of new talent. But, only incrementally. I'm not planning to go much more visual, as blog competitors like MySpace and Facebook. I'm also not willing to be much less eclectic than I've been in the past, or to take on a co-blogger.

I have several almost ready to post examinations of Colorado's criminal code offline, which I should probably polish and continue that series of posts.

I remain baffled by how highly some of my posts are Google ranked, often appearing at the top of seemingly routine searches. I have several dozen other blogs that link to me, some of which are academic, and frequently link to academic and government sources, which may provide credibility, and I have been around for longer than many blogs, especially spam full blogs. But, on many of these topics I still ask myself how I ended up being the second or third search result, instead of someone who makes a living being an expert in these fields.

Whatever the reason, I think those of you who have arrived here via search engines. Enjoy.

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