09 August 2007

Iowa GOP Race Gone Nuts

The latest poll of registered Republican in Iowa (July-August 2007) about the Presidential race is very bad news for certain candidates. The results:

Romney 21.8%
Giuliani 10.0%
Obama 6.7%
Thompson 5.2%
McCain 1.8%

When a Democrat is out polling two of the four front runners for the Republican Presidential nomination in Iowa among registered Republicans, this is really bad news for Republicans. Support for Romney has grown, while support for Giuliani and McCain has plummeted.

Republicans who intend to go to the Iowa caucuses are less anomolous:

Romney 26.9% (rising)
Giuliani 11.3% (falling)
Thompson 6.5% (rising)
Tancredo 4.2%
Brownback 4.2%
McCain 3.2% (falling)

While it is too early for Romney supporters to celebrate, with the undecided ranks still large, Giuliani and McCain's stars waning, and Thompson so far back, Romney is clearly the man to beat on the Republican side of the Presidential race.

It also doesn't hurt Romney that the Iowa caucuses are followed by the New Hampshire primary, which is right in his backyard.

Among all registered voters polled in Iowa on the Democratic side, Clinton (rising support) led Obama (rising support) who was ahead of Edwards (falling support) who led Richardson (stable).

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