06 August 2008

Judicial Performance Evaluations 2008

The Denver Post has this year's judicial performance evaluations in connection with this year's batch of judicial retention elections in Colorado.

Jefferson County Judge Judy Archuleta is the only state judge of 104 standing for retention in November not recommended by the Commissions on Judicial Performance. . . .

Archuleta's evaluation says that although she is well-versed in the law and intelligent, her weaknesses on the bench cannot be overcome.

She was specifically criticized for her demeanor and "perceived impatience" with victims of domestic violence. . . .

The commissions wrote that Archuleta's ratings had not improved since her review four years ago. In response, Archuleta wrote that she is known for imposing tough sentences on defendants convicted of repeat drunken-driving offenses and that some attorneys who represent those defendants rated her low.

The source documents are found here.

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