04 August 2008

Movies Meet Post-Modernism

Do you love Colorado Public Radio film critic Howie Movshovitz because he favors independent and foreign films, brings a unique cinema school snobbery to movie reviews, and has tickets to every major film festival on the face of the Earth?

Admit it, of course you do. But, Howie's insight is available for only a few minutes a week, and sometimes he pulls punches to make himself comprehensible to the unwashed masses who listen to mere broadcast radio.

If you are truly hardcore, you can also read Denver based group movie blog, the projection booth, featuring the commentary of our beloved Dex and his friends.

Now, I'm convinced that Dex is really an aeon, who exists primarily on a spiritual plane, who is seeking to restore himself to grace from the material realm through the mediation of Natalie Portman, a redeemer figure whose true nature was captured with the spirit world penetrating eyes of George Lucas, and also with the assitance of the eternal arbiter of the ethereal world between worlds known as Dr. Who.

In other words, some of the blog is tough going for those of us who didn't major in English literature, art history or some other equally post-modern pursuit as undergraduates. But, it is worth the trouble to let Dex and his merry men and woman (I have suspicions that this particular woman might be a once fairly well known Colorado blogger who retired for a while upon falling in love, but that is just speculation) enlighten you and I about just how little us plebeians really understand about that most plebeian of art forms, the movies.


Anonymous said...

Do you know why I like television? It can be so informative! Seriously, film as a medium has at its disposal such a wide array of tools to baffle and educate people with - a book, for example, cannot show you a particularly good, exemplary performance. A movie can do this fantastically.

That is why I shun directors who create bad works of their art: It's not that hard or time-consuming to write a book, and it's individual. With a movie's budget arrives a certain amount of responsibility for all involved, and the job of the key people is to ensure others don't waste their effort on a meaningless project.

The downside of video is it remains a very passive medium – but there are ways around that...

Unfortunately, even with more leisure time at our hands than ever, good movies which would teach us about ourselves remain tediously hard to find. Sniff.

A saddened guide to movies in Toronto,

Dex said...

excellent. we got some love for yr dk essay at teh booth, too.

fyi, the young lady in question is not who you think it is...she's a friend, but not yon local blogger...

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

That's speculation for you, often wrong.