13 September 2008

Off With Their Heads

The chief justice of the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court has declared, in all seriousness, that killing the makers of immoral television shows is justified homicide, with a particular focus on a Turkish soap opera based upon the life of Islam's founding prophet. And, we wonder where Saudis like Osama bin Laden and the many Saudi 9-11 hijackers and the Saudis that helped set up the Taliban, and the Saudis who have committed a plurality of the suicide bombings in Iraq picked up their bad habits.

Why we sell advanced military weapontry to the Saudis and consider them our allies is beyond my comprehension, or at any rate, beyond common sense.

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Red Flashlight said...

Hmm . . . could it be . . . profit? (Remember Dana Carvey's church-lady character?)