15 September 2008

An Amazing Football Game

I very rarely watch television, and even less rarely watch sports. But, with a son playing football, homework includes watching a game or two. And, while I have never played a proper football game in my life, even in gym, I do know how to watch it on TV, so I have no excuses.

So, we watched the Broncos play the Chargers, despite the fact that I still haven't gotten around to replacing the family's broken and little used TV, resulting in purple people and blue Bronco's logos where the orange should be.

Sunday's game against the Chargers in Denver was worth watching. The combined 77 points scored and one point margin of victory only hints at the drama of amazing plays, repeated reversals of fortunes, and epic mistakes on both sides. I'll save the play by play to people who do that kind of thing. But, I couldn't have picked a better day to watch.

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Pamela Clifton and Christie Donner said...

I absolutely agree! I was the lucky friend of someone who had an extra ticket and I have never been to a bronco game. What a day to go!