10 February 2010

Republicans Still Pushing Census Fraud

Republicans are trying to deceive people into thinking that their fundraising request is a census form, again.

This could be because they hate America. Or, it could be because they are evil. Or, it could be that they're so tight with sleezy junk mailers that they have forgotten that most Americans hate attempts to deceive them. We report, you decide.


Dave Barnes said...

Only a few retards are fooled by these mailings. This is not an issue.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

I think you underestimate how many "retards" are out there. The census matters to everyone, not just to the more sophisticated group of people who vote.

The concern is not that someone will be duped into giving money to the GOP. It is that they will fail to turn in census forms because they think that they have gotten them already or throw them away after being conditioned to think that they are junk mail.

Collectively this can artificially depress census counts, costing targeted areas with more "stupid" (i.e. bureaucratically inept) people political power and government funds.

The fact that the mailings are going to registered Democrats, rather than Republicans, in large numbers betray the idea that fundraising is the only reason for these letters. It would be cheaper by far to screeen for partisan affiliation than to send junk mail to millions of Democrats.