02 February 2010

Technorati Claim Token

Technorati, a blog indexing service, lets you claim your blog by demonstrating your ability to control it through the posting of a "claim token" in the blog. Here it is: claim token UFPKBBTEHQVX

Dear Technorati Reviewer: Dude, look at this cool blog!

Dear Regular Readers: Apologies for this silly interruption for the purpose of mindless self-promotion. Still, I can't object to a procedure that artfully escapes efforts to claim and speak for a blog that you don't actually control, and the indexing on Technorati seems much better than it did before its recent reform designed to clear out blog spam from SEO companies that had tried to game the system by creating meaningless links between faux blogs.

This blog, as a look at the sidebar archive will show, has been around for four and a half years of regular substantive blogging and is linked to by blogs that likewise really exist. The copy editing may leave much to be desired, but the thought is more or less original (at credited to someone else when manually quoted or paraphrased).

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