09 December 2011

Exhibit A Of The Case Against Citizen Democracy

TABOR daddy Douglas Bruce — the man who wrote some of the most significant tax laws on the books in Colorado, whose e-mail address starts with “taxcutter” and who once gained notoriety as a state representative by kicking a news photographer — went on trial yesterday on charges of tax evasion. . . . Yesterday’s hearing had a late-arriving Bruce, verbal jousting with the judge and the suggestion from the accused that his prosecutors are collaborating with the CIA. And that was before there was even a jury seated.

From here.

Does it really make sense to develop a system of lawmaking that gives the power to write tax laws that bankrupt the state in the hands of a guy like him without any public input into the details?

There may be times when putting issues to a public vote does make sense, but having random political activists write laws that can't be amended without any kind of elected representative filter is just plain stupid.

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