13 June 2012

Matt Arnold: Worst CU Regent Candidate Ever

Sometimes the caucus process fails to produce good recommendations. The case of Matt Arnold, who won top line status at the Republican State Convention for his prior attacks on the state judicary, is a case in point.

The biggest issue is simple. He said on his resume that he had a master's degree from John Hopkins University. Except, he didn't.

Last week, Arnold admitted he did not have a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University, although he has completed the coursework. He shocked education officials by saying, "I was more interested in getting on with my life than trying to, quite frankly, waste more time in pursuit of academic BS that no one cares about."

"I goofed," Arnold said in an e-mail to Republicans on Tuesday.

When running for another office, his actions and attitude towards them might be acceptable. But, when he's running for the body that regulates who should and shouldn't get decree from the University of Colorado, and what students should have to do to earn them, his statements are an unforgivable breach of faith.

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