08 September 2012

In Between

I have an old fold up paper map of Denver.  The core metropolitan I-225 loop, but not quite all of DIA fits on one side of it when it is unfolded.  On that map, I have a vaguely central position, not perfect center, but a clear view of where I am in relationship to the rest of the area.

I like it, but it is an old map.  The seams are fraying.  It doesn't have the Stapleton or Lowry developments on it, doesn't show Dick's Sporting Goods Park, predates the conversion of Rocky Mountain Arsenal to the wildlife preserve, and is otherwise out of date.  So, I bought a new fold up paper map of Denver.

The new map isn't arranged quite the same way.  It puts the northern part of the Denver metro area on one side and the southern part on the other side of paper.  The two parts don't quite match up.  About a centimeter of the roughly four foot by four foot on each side map is omitted.

Of course, I happen to live in that missing centimeter.  Is fate trying to tell me something?

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