09 September 2012

Overcoming Heartbreak

As a public service, I thought I'd pass along this bit of practical guidance.
Q: Have you ever had your heart broken . . . ?

A: Yeah, I have . . . .

Q: How did you get over it?

A: Hmmm . . . You're completely in love with him, aren't you?

Q: What?!

A: In my case, it was easy.  I burned his pictures, sobbed really loudly, ate ten pieces of cake . . . then I felt totally better.
From Matsuri Hino, "Captive Hearts" Vol. 1, page 144 (1998) (translated from Japanese original in 2008).

Of course, in fairness, you ought to know that this approach does not end up working for the person receiving the advice.



Dave Barnes said...

For you.
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream.

andrew said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!