01 November 2012

Only In West Virginia

I swear that this would never happen in Colorado.

Mr. [Joshua M.] Robinson beat a client, David L. Gump, with a wooden baseball bat on his front porch and then chased his defenseless client with this weapon down a residential street until he fell to the ground. When Mr. Gump fell down, Mr. Robinson began beating him again with the baseball bat in the head, chest, and back. Mr. Gump sustained significant injuries . . . causing such injuries to his client constituted a violation of Mr. Robinson's duty to his client.

Colorado attorneys sometimes fail to return their client's calls, wrongfully fail to return their client's papers, or even commit abuses of trust by having sex with their clients.

But, there is a universally acknowledged and adhered to ethical understanding in Colorado that Colorado lawyers do not beat up their defenseless clients with baseball bats. Clients of Colorado lawyers now and then do this to their lawyers, but the reverse just does not happen here.

In West Virginia's defense, they did disbar Mr. Robinson for his conduct and proceedings to disbar him from practicing law in Kentucky, where he was also admitted to practice and where he has committed other violent crimes, are pending.

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