11 March 2013

Yet Another Major Benefit Of Asprin

Asprin appears to reduce the risk of getting a common kind of skin cancer in young women. 

This adds to many large benefits in preventing cardio-vascular problems like strokes and heart attacks, and multiple kinds of cancers, which associated with fairly regularly taking low doses of asprin if you are at risk for those conditions.  Some of these benefits are cumulative with, for example, the benefits associated with regular moderate alcohol consumption and blood thinning drugs.  This remedies are attractive since they involve a cheap, over the counter drug whose day to day use on that basis has effects that are fairly well understood.  A common source of these benefits in the anti-inflammatory effects of asprin has been suspected as one possible reason for the benefit.

Variants of it were active ingredients in herbal remedies used in since antiquity based on willow bark and a certain kind of wild flowering shrub. It has been used in its current medicinal form since 1897 CE. 

Asprin seems likely that we are on the verge of starting to see asprin less like an ordinary medicinal drug and more like a vitamin that may also have drug applications when used in higher doses, but has value on a regime basis at some dosages in most health people as a means of preventing serious later life maladies. 

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