17 May 2015

The Value of Good Manners

My wife sometimes works as a "brand ambassador" which is a title that covers a multitude of sins.  One of the big indicators of how much a particular job will pay is whether the job requires someone who can demonstrate good manners when dealing with upper middle class clientele.

The cutoff in Denver to make it reliably likely that an agency hiring brand ambassadors will get a sufficient number of applicants with the ability to show up on time and demonstrate good manners is about $20 to $25 per hour (for independent contractors).

Thus, simply a capacity to show up on time, well groomed, dressed as required for the event, and to demonstrate good manners in dealing with the public, is worth about two and a half to four times the minimum wage.

Apparently, basic social capital is in surprisingly short supply.

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1389 said...

No doubt the candidate must also be fairly young and nice looking. The elderly, however presentable they may be, need not apply.