31 July 2015

Windows 10

For better or for worse, have a ditched the odious, loathsome, evil Microsoft Windows 8 for Microsoft Windows 10, and rejected all of the big brother settings.  I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop when I go into the office this morning and find out, if my impulsive act was ill advised, that my machine is no longer compatible with the firm network or some critical piece of software.

But, so far, so good.

Anyway, after Windows 8, how much worse can it get?


andrew said...

Amazingly, the upgrade did not prevent my computer from working at my office, although it did burn some time as I purged it of the malware called "Bing" and also some other Microsoft advertising and privacy infringing mischief.

Google's motto is "Don't be evil." Microsoft, opting for brevity, apparently adopted a similar motto for its business: "Be evil."

Dave Barnes said...

Why not stay with 7?

andrew said...

10 is free, the conversion was easy (unlike the usual case, they did it as an upgrade rather than wiping the drive and rebuilding it), and it is a good as 7 which is no longer supported (or will soon not be).

andrew said...

Oh, also, the status quo was 8 not 7. That makes a huge difference.