16 October 2015

Friday Tidbits

* The producers of the TV series Homeland, were duped by their own paid graffiti artists, but rightly took the slight in good humor with a humble press release, rather than starting a lawsuit.

* I have replaced my stolen laptop with a Mac Air.  So far, so good when it comes to being compatible with other IT hardware and software in our PC dominated office.

* My mail in ballot for the 2015 general election has arrived and for once I have no clue yet.  I have two school board seats to vote up (one at-large and one for my district), there is a state TABOR ballot issue, and there are gobs of local ballot issues in Denver.  I aspire to figure these races out and write about them soon, but have been so busy that I have only a dim idea about the candidates and the issues so far.

* My roof is being replaced due to hail damage early this summer.  Life is noisy at the moment.

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Dave Barnes said...

Welcome to the light side.
What have I been telling you for years?