19 October 2015

Hillary Actually Not Dominating Fundraising

"Report says Hillary Clinton dominating fundraising" blared the Denver Post headline.  But, the story itself tells a different story and shows up the Denver Post for its less than even handed coverage of the Democratic primary race.

Hillary Clinton has brought in more money than any other 2016 Presidential candidate.  But, Bernie Sanders trails by only about 10% if dollars raised in the 3rd quarter and has more donors than she does.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have raised much more money than Ben Carson, who in turn has has raised significantly more than any other Republican candidate.

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are on the heels of Carson in the fundraising department, and both share the trait of having some prior political experience and somewhat fewer totally batty conspiracy theories floating around in their heads.

Rubio has raised far less than Bush, and so, surprisingly has Trump, who has self-funded his campaign and is finally almost breaking even between money spent and money raised.

The other three Democrats who appeared at the debate are all raising less than 5% of what Bernie Sanders raised, and Lincoln Chaffee pulled in only $20,000 in the 3rd quarter, about 1000 times less than either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  None of these three Democratic candidates have broken the 2% mark in the opinion polls either.  Lincoln Chaffee was at 0.2% going into the first debate.

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