20 December 2015

Opal Restaurant In Denver

Have you ever wanted to go to a sports bar with almost no drink selections and shabby furnishings, where foul mouthed customers talking about whether the latest domestic violence incident they witnessed was justified, with a menu consisting almost entirely of sushi?

Me neither.  I completely misjudged the place based upon its location and the sign on its awning which promised "nouveau American cuisine." But, if you are so inclined, Denver has just the place to meet your needs.

It is called "Opal" and it is a the intersection of 9th and Broadway in Capital Hill.

The prices are tolerable during Happy Hour, for sushi, but the ambiance is quite possibly the worst of any sushi establishment in the entire Rocky Mountain West.

Needless to say, my wife and I will not be repeat customers.


Dave Barnes said...

I have ZERO sympathy.
Check the Yelp reviews.

andrew said...

We had no time. We were planning to go to another restaurant with good reviews a few blocks away and that didn't work out so this was plan B concocted on a moment's notice with no internet access.

Dave Barnes said...

1. You don't have the Yelp app on your phone?

2. You joined Yelp, post, and wrote a 101. Which will go into the filter bucket within another week.

andrew said...

I use a dumb phone with no key board that only does talk and text and doesn't handle even image messaging. No internet access. Honestly, I really hate phones and would prefer to keep it that way as long as possible although sooner or later I know that I will have to succumb.

Yes, after the fact I did join Yelp. Long overdue really.