07 July 2016

9News Confused

A story from 9News about voter registration bylined to reporter Katie Wilcox, in the recent Colorado primary election stated:
[J]ust 20 percent of active registered voters actually voted in US Senate primary.

In Denver, turnout was higher. At least 30 percent of active Democratic voters participated in the race for the District Attorney. Beth McCann won by a margin of 9,000 votes and will now face off against Republican Mitch Morrissey.
In fact, Mitch Morrissey is the term limited incumbent DA who is a Democrat (although he sometimes acts like a Republican). Beth McCann with face his Chief Deputy DA, Helen Morgan, who is running as an independent candidate, in the fall.  No Republican candidate is running for this office.

Beth McCann is favored as 50% of registered voters in Denver are registered as Democrats.

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andrew said...

The story was later corrected.