21 July 2016

Denver Christian Guidance Counselor Sexually Assaulted Student For Years

The Denver Post story doesn't identify the school where the following incident happened:
Denver’s district attorney has filed charges against a former counselor being accused of sexually assaulting a teenage client for years. 
The man, Troy Vandenbroeke, 49, is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist and sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist. 
The charges allege that Vandenbroeke sexually assaulted an 18-year old student at a private high school in Denver while he was her guidance counselor, and that the assaults continued for four years, according to a news release from the district attorney’s office. 
Vandenbroeke is currently out on a $50,000 bond and scheduled back in court on Aug. 12.
But, it was trivial to determine that the school was Denver Christian.

While this might slightly impact the privacy of the victim, it is a matter of public concern that this particular private school, as opposed to another one, failed to learn of and prevent this multi-year course of conduct.  And, it is also a matter of public concern that this incident took place at a conservative Christian school, rather than a secular one or Roman Catholic one, for example.

Channel 7 news reports this detail and also notes that the course of conduct continued from November 2010 to March 2015. (Incidentally, Denver's Channel 7 has been on a streak of quality reporting relative to its competition for at least a year or two now.)

Somebody at the school must have known, or at least suspected, that something was going on long before this was reported to law enforcement authorities.  And, dimes to dollars, this is probably one case of inappropriate conduct by the guidance counselor involved among many, over many students over many years.

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