10 November 2016

Consolation Prizes - State Ballot Issues

The one consolation prize from the 2016 election is that a number of good ballot measures passed at the state level.

Here are a few of them that are good news, omitting many financial or procedural measures and all measures that failed:

1. Minimum Wage Increases: AZ, CO, ME,  WA

2. Pro-Recreational Marijuana: CA, ME, MA, NV

3. Pro-Medical Marijuana: AR, FL, MT, ND

4. Stricter Gun Laws: CA, ME, NV, WA

5. Legalize Assisted Suicide: CO

6. Tobacco Tax Increases: CA

7. Ranked choice voting: ME

8. Downgrades Some Drug Offenses To Misdemeanors: OK

9. Beer Sales Allowed In Grocery Stores: OK

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