07 August 2017

Artificial Light Has Gotten Cheaper Over 700 Years In England

In 1302 CE in England, it cost 40,820 British pounds for a million lumen-hours of artificial light. This has declined steadily over time. As of 2006, it was 2.89 pounds. (All prices are adjusted for inflation to 2000 CE British pounds.)

It was 10,000 times as much as it was in 2006 in the year 1388. In 1839, the price of a million lumen-hours was 1000 times more than it is today in the U.K. and it was 100 times more in 1890. It was 10 times as much in 1945.

At the rate it has been getting cheaper since the early 1800s, in about 2060 CE it will be about 0.29 British pounds for a million lumen-hours.

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