07 August 2017

Quote of the Day

[T]he very Evangelicals who’ve spent that last 50 years in this country demonizing those who reject Jesus—are the single most compelling reason for them to do so. They are giving people who suspect that all Christians are self-righteous, hateful hypocrites, all the evidence they need. The Church is confirming the outside world’s most dire suspicions about itself.
- John Pavlovitch, "The Christians Making Atheists" (June 4, 2017).

The author thinks that those lost to Christianity can be won back to a faith that is more in line with the compassion of Jesus of the Gospels. But, I'm more skeptical. 

The case to remain a Christian in a faith that hues to a compassionate creed is much easier to make than the case to join such a Christianity from the outside. Problems with Christianity other than a lack of compassion, that are less obvious to those born to Christianity (e.g. one of the primary missions of Jesus of the Gospels in addition to teaching morality was as an exorcist, and the fundamental sacrament of Christianity is the symbolic cannibalism of a human scapegoat), are problematic to outsiders who don't have the demon haunted worldview that the early Christians did.

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