31 January 2018

9000 Posts

This is the 9000th post I have made at this Wash Park Prophet blog and its sister blog, Dispatches From Turtle Island, combined, since their inception of July 3, 2005 (12 years, 6 months and 28 days ago a.k.a. 4595 days ago). This is a blogging pace of 1.96 posts per day, although in the last year or so, the pace has been closer to 1.5 posts per day or slightly less than that.

Many of these posts are quite lengthy, with an average number of words in the low hundreds probably, so the combined output of these blogs is equivalent to several dozen hand written or printed out journals.

The recent decline in posting has a lot to do with the fact that insights that might otherwise have turned into a blog post here now end up as a Facebook post instead.

I have also cleared all but 15 draft posts that were substantive enough to save, but not complete enough to post that were not labeled TMI (nine draft posts) which I declined to post for obvious reasons after due consideration, even though some of those are basically complete.

Blogger reports 625,342 all times views at Dispatches at Turtle Island and 1,906,895 at Wash Park Prophet, but this is a gross underestimate since Blogger didn't start keeping track of blog views until about 2010 or 2011, long after the Wash Park Prophet blog was established. The combined 2,532,257 views since Blogger has been keeping track is not insubstantial, however, and probably amounts to more than 400 views per average post over the long run.

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