31 January 2018

Kesha v. Taylor Swift On Dealing With Mistreatment

Pop stars Kesha and Taylor Swift both have hit songs about being horribly wronged by men in their lives.

Kesha's hit song, "Praying", looks to divine justice to right the scales and tries to stay positive. It is the classic response that Christianity endorses.

Taylor Swift's hit song, “Look What You Made Me Do”, comes from a similar place but espouses revenge.

Both women have young adult musical roots in Nashville, although Kesha's single mother was a struggling singer-songwriter, while Swift came from money. Both women experienced high profile court cases against abusers they encountered in their professional life. Kesha's case was ultimately dismissed on statute of limitations grounds, while Swift won on her counterclaims against a groper claiming what amounted to defamation.

Personally, I think TS's approach is a better way to live, on average, although letting go of the past, as Kesha does, can certainly be more functional when revenge is impossible or costly.

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