14 January 2019


One of my very first experiences in the State of Colorado was being pulled over for the alleged traffic offense discussed in a case decided by the Colorado Supreme Court today (I escaped with a warning and then as in this case, the stop was actually a pre-text driven by a desire to search my car.) The Court held that it is not against the law to fail to signal for at least 200 feet before changing lanes in Colorado, so long as you do signal before changing lanes.

An earlier appellate precedent in Colorado has also discredited the other reason asserted for stopping me, that my fuzzy dice obscured my vision.

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neo said...

would you prefer i reply on the original thread or here?

i think before the internet i was hearing rumors that law isn't a good thing to get into bc of all the ambulance chasing lawyers, except of course harvard or yale.'

now with the internet on youtube yeah other than harvard or yale it sounds like lawyers is a dog eat dog world. seems medicine is nicer.

but i've heard conflicting things on liberal arts like philosophy and literature and history vs STEM majors.