25 January 2019

Who Put Them In Charge?

It feels like the clergy and really most people who claim to be Christian have soured since the 1970s or so and become heartless and mean spirited and often outright evil.

It feels like the political right has gotten much uglier in the time period since Trump's campaign for President began. There was a time when the Republican party saw itself as the party of grown ups, of decorum. Those days seem to be gone.

I'd like to believe that bad systems made it possible for the wrong people to attain positions of power. But, I'm not comfortable in that conclusion. Maybe there are just a lot more bad people out there than most of us would like to believe.

It is particularly striking because this hasn't happened on the Q T. Main stream media outlets, social media, blogs, academics and leaders of other countries have publicly identified every lie, every abuse, every distraction, every hint of corruption (often born out by later investigations). But, it keeps happening even though everyone knows it's happening. Because too many on the right, overwhelmingly conservative Christians, want this to happen or don't care.

It is so ugly.

The rest of us are resisting and taking political action. But, the playing field isn't a fair one. Dirty tricks and unfair rules too often prevail. Huge swaths of the population have walled themselves off from reason. It is especially out of control for Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation (i.e. people born before 1965).

The world has changed and they haven't.

Why did the world go crazy? I can provide rational explanations. But, emotionally, it is still baffling.

Someday, someone is doing to decide that the process isn't working, that our constitution has become a suicide pact, and break the rules. Our political process and leadership are so far out of touch with the processes and elites in the rest of our society. I hope that when that happens it will be one of the good guys, and not one of the bad guys, but I am not in the least confident that this is how it will play out, because the good guys have more respect for the process than the bad guys do.

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neo said...

i have similiar views but for the Left. for the leftists kooks on university campuses. and california, illinois new york all run by democrats are bankrupted.

leftists aren't exactly gracious either.