17 June 2019

Quote Of The Day

Only the future is certain. The past is constantly changing.
This is in reference to life in modern China's current regime which is very repressive and propagandistic with regard to political expression.

My source is from the comments to a Language Log post, but this is an allusion to an existing aphorism. It was apparently already an old Soviet joke at the time that it that inspired George Orwell to write the book "1984" in the year 1949.


neo said...

isn't china communist party leftist?

and don't leftists in our usa want to oppress as well, such as christian wedding bakers refusing a lesbian wedding cake?

andrew said...

China started out communist, and official it is, but it is really it's own thing with plenty of market based business activity and lots of authoritarianism.

The left in the U.S. takes the position that discrimination is not appropriate in public accommodations, something that isn't exactly radical, it's been part of U.S. law since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you want to serve the general public, you can't discriminate. Is that such a big problem? I hardly reckon that it is oppression. Religion is not a license to mistreat other people.